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Here Are Nine Craft Brewers Who Care What Distributors Think

2019 Tamarron Consulting Craft Brewer Survey Detail Overview

Beer Business Daily (by: Harry Schuhmacher)

There are a few truths in the world: Brewers love SKUs; wholesales and retailers hate them. And finding a craft bewer who respects their distributors' opinions is like finding a money-making venture for my family's ranch, which can be summed up in a simple Haiku: No soil above the oil, and no oil below the soil, suitable only for goats.

Much has been made of Tamarron Consulting's fifth annual survey of craft brewers from the point of view of distributors from nine cooperating craft brewers, and while the results are interesting from a perspective of what has changed in the last five years, to me what is most fascinating is that Tamarron could find nine craft brewers who care enough what distributors think to take part in and commission the survey in the first place. 

These are those brewers: Allagash, Bell's, CANarchy, Dogfish Head, Great Lakes, Odell (which "won" the highest marks again), Rogue, Stone and Troegs. Whatever their grades, at least they participated and aren't afraid to put it out there.

For overall performance: Odell's, Allagash, and Bell's top the survey results, which isn't surprising given those companies beers and management.

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