About Tamarron Consulting

Tamarron Consulting offers the alcohol beverage industry a valuable alternative to generalized consulting. Tamarron is a management consulting firm specializing in the beer, wine, and spirits industry. Through our services, Tamarron Consulting is dedicated to improving the overall effectiveness of the three-tier distribution network, especially relationships between suppliers and distributors.

Our team is dedicated to confronting and overcoming the challenges through services and solutions that combine unmatched industry knowledge and experience with the most current general business practices. This combination of industry tradition and modern practices enables our customers and us to keep pace with the continual beverage industry evolution.

Lori Scheiffler


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Bob Lindsey


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Mike McDonnell

 Vice President

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Karyn Chotin

Senior Consultant

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Annie Weinmann

Independent Data Engineer

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Bob "Sully" Sullivan

Independent Advisor

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Rick Wright

Independent Contractor

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