TC Data Insights Compass

Using fact-based analytics to develop unique selling solutions and translate data into dollars

Syndicated Data Insights Solution 

In today"s alcohol beverage industry distributors, brewers, vintners and distillers have access to myriad data sources to manage their businesses – from syndicated data sources like Nielsen and IRI, to internal sales history, channel-specific results, outlet-level analytics, and so on.  Often, the amount of data can be overwhelming, leading many to ask, Where do I start and What should I do about it?

As a Nielsen Connected Partner, Tamarron is in a unique position to have access to some of the most robust syndicated data in the industry, and assist distributors and suppliers with answering those key questions about how to use the data to identify insights that can be applied to enhance the customer sales experience and sell more – Data for Dollars.  As a Connected Partner, Tamarron will have visibility to a level of syndicated data that will allow us to dig deeper into regional and local territories to help distributors capitalize on the strengths of their own portfolios – using fact-based insights and selling points.

Tamarron has developed a solution for distributors that enables them to benchmark their sell data against Nielsen syndicated data to identify portfolio selling opportunities.  Tamarron will also support the tool with monthly and/or quarterly analysis and insights.  Sell sheet data & insights will also be provided to help distributors translate data into dollars.

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Beer First Sell Sheets / Custom Chart Creator

As an ancillary workstream to the Beer Growth Initiative, Tamarron has worked closely with the NBWA to lead their separate, but related workstream call Beer First.  The Beer First effort has produced Beer First Sell Sheets, to promote the overall category of Beer (vs. wine and spirits) using fact-based syndicated data to highlight beer"s positive selling points.

The Beer First Sell Sheets are available in several formats:

  • Static National Beer First Sell Sheets for the following channels:  On Premise, Grocery, Club Stores, Mass Merchandisers (e.g., Wal-Mart, Target) and Liquor Stores
  • Customizable Regional Beer First Sell Sheets for the same channels.

Find all formats of the Beer First Sell Sheets on the NBWA Members Only section of their website or click here to request a password to download all versions.

Fact-Based Selling Certification 

The Fact-Based Selling Certification program is an interactive, online learning program that teaches all levels of personnel in alcohol beverage suppliers and distributors how to enhance the customer selling experience with data-driven insights to translate data into dollars.  The three levels of certification are shown below with the target audience for the program identified.  The program incorporates interactive exercises, case studies and practical applications to ensure participants not only understand the concepts, but can also apply them to targeted selling opportunities.

Level 1 Fact-Based Selling Apprentice:  Basic understanding of syndicated data terms, fundamental strategies on how to use data/insights to sell beer, etc.
Understand syndicated data; articulate key facts; apply national Beer First Sell Sheets


Level 2 Fact-Based Selling Certified:  How to apply syndicated data/insights to situational selling opportunities; elevating beer vs. wine and spirits
Understand syndicated data; articulate key facts; apply national or regional syndicated data through the Beer First Custom Charts (Excel Tool) (possible Beer First Micro-Site) to develop a selling story; SELL using a fact-based sales approach


Level 3Fact-Based Selling Master:  How to combine localized syndicated data/insights with internal portfolio opportunities and apply to situational selling opportunities
Understand syndicated data; articulate key facts; apply national, regional or local syndicated data through the Beer First Custom Charts (Excel tool) (possible Beer First Micro-Site) and TC Compass Dashboard to identify localized opportunities and develop applicable selling stories; assign relevant MBOs based on data; SELL a fact-based sales approach