Leadership Councils

Facilitation of leading beer industry councils
that address industry opportunities & challenges 

Overview of Leadership Councils

Tamarron facilitates several councils in the beer industry designed to share best practices, improve effectiveness and develop tools, processes and solutions for industry challenges.  Each council has a unique vision, membership roster and workgroups to meet its objectives. 

Beer Growth initiative

A collaborative effort between brewers, distributors & trade associations to ensure the health of the beer category

Over the past few years, Tamarron has led an industry-wide campaign called the Beer Growth Initiative, an effort to jump-start beer"s stagnant growth through a digital marketing campaign (“Beers To That") coupled with local distributor activation tools.  We have worked on the initiative in conjunction with a steering committee comprised of the NBWA, select BI members and BA.  




The Beer First Initiative is a separate, but related initiative to the Beer Growth Initiative.  Beer First is sponsored solely by the National Beer Wholesalers Association.  Its aim is to provide selling and activation tools to beer distributors.  Its three main workstreams include:
1.    Beer First Sell Sheets 
The Beer First Sell Sheets are available in several formats:
  • Static National Beer First Sell Sheets for the following channels:  On Premise, Grocery, Club Stores, Mass Merchandisers (e.g., Wal-Mart, Target) and Liquor Stores
  • Customizable Regional Beer First Sell Sheets for the same channels.
  • Find all formats of the Beer First Sell Sheets on the NBWA Members Only section of their website or click on the Beer First Sell Sheets link below to request a password to download all versions.
2.    Beer First Certification – this program is a customized Fact-Based Selling Certification program that is specifically targeted to beer distributors and the Beer First Sell Sheets.
3.    Beer First Committee – Tamarron facilitates a Beer First Committee made up of distributors from across the country representing varying market dynamics.  This committee oversees all selling tools and programs developed to support the Beer First Initiative.

  Beer First Sell Sheets

Operations Leadership Council

The Operations Leadership Council is a collaborative peer group of distributor senior operations leaders focused on addressing opportunities for improved efficiency and productivity within the malt beverage supply chain.  Tamarron Consulting facilitates bi-annual meetings and coordinates the sharing of information between council members across the country. The ideas and best practices generated by the Council not only serve the operations functions of its members but also constitute an effort to promote positive multi-tier industry change. 

Charter:  The Operations Leadership Council (OLC) will drive dynamic change in the beverage industry as it relates to operations functions within distributorships. Through candid, confidential communication members will surface/exchange fresh ideas, share best practices, challenge existing techniques, evaluate new operational technologies, define operating standards, and address industry opportunities to efficiently support sales and deliver profitability through enhanced productivity. When necessary, the OLC will engage and speak as a single voice to suppliers in an effort to promote positive multi-tier industry change.  

Impacting the Distributor Tier:   

- Engage key suppliers at bi-annual meetings
   (i.e., MillerCoors, Heineken, Boston Beer, Constellation, etc.) 

- Engage key vendors at bi-annual meetings  

Developed Malt Beverage Supply Chain Survey  

- Innovative Technology Efficiency Best Practice Sharing

  • KPI"s 
  • CNG 
  • Fleet 
  • Onboard Cameras 
  • GPS Tracking 
  • Route Planning 
  • Safety Programs 
  • Solar 
  • Truck Loading 
  • Voice Pick 
  • Warehouse Automation System 
  • Warehouse Layout 


  • Admiral Beverage Corp-NM (Keith Hartnett)
  • A.L. George (Peter Krueger)
  • Amoskeag Beverages (Paul Malandrino) 
  • Andrews Distributing Company (Walter Smith) 
  • Breakthru Beverage Nevada (Kyle Bohan)
  • Burke Distributing (Scott Adams)
  • Columbia Distributing (Darren Melton) 
  • Columbia Distributing (Robert Toensing)
  • Coors Distributing Company (Jamie Rieger) 
  • Crescent Crown Distributing AZ (Bill Vensel) 
  • Crescent Crown Distributing LA (John Michel) 
  • DeCrescente Distributing Company (Tom Turcotte) 
  • Glazer's Beer & Beverage (Matt Swilling)
  • Gulf Distributing (Brian Whitten)
  • Houston Distributing (Rick Roberts) 
  • JJ Taylor Distributing (Steve Rose)
  • Kramer Beverage (Andrew Winneberger)
  • Manhattan Beer Distributors (Paul Schmitt) 
  • Monarch Beverage Company (Mike Scully) 
  • Origlio Beverage (Phil Origlio) 
  • Reyes Beer Division (Victor Demers)
  • Superior Beverage Group (Marty Williard) 
  • United Distributors, Inc. (Jon George)