A group of senior operations leaders from large distributors across the country gather together to share best practices and develop innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the malt beverage supply chain.
The Operations Leadership Council (OLC) will drive dynamic change in the beverage industry as it relates to operations functions within distributorships.  Through candid, confidential communication members will surface/exchange fresh ideas, share best practices, challenge existing techniques, evaluate new operational technologies, define operating standards, and address industry opportunities to efficiently support “Sales” and deliver profitability through enhanced productivity.
The members will also benefit from being part of an influential industry peer group, and will be accessible to other OLC members upon request.  When necessary, the OLC will engage and speak as a single voice to suppliers in an effort to promote positive multi-tier industry change.
At times the OLC will engage external vendors to attend meetings and present products/services/solutions in an effort to maximize the collective resources of the Council.