Custom Supplier & Distributor Academies and Subject-Specific Training
Each of Tamarron's distributor and supplier training programs can be customized to meet your organization's specific needs. The seminars are typically conducted over a 2-3 day period, and are structured to include an interactive case study approach to each business discipline. While the distributor seminars focus generally on the development of business fundamentals, the supplier programs focus more on understanding distributor business dynamics.
Each seminar is comprised of a brief presentation as well as an interactive component of case studies, exercises and group discussions. Tamarron generally works with owners and senior managers in our distributor training seminars, and with senior and mid-level managers as well as field sales personnel at the supplier level.
The following are some of the customized training programs Tamarron has offered to alcohol beverage distributors and suppliers:
Alcohol Beverage Industry Overview
Differing Perspectives of Distributors and Suppliers
Distributor Competency Continuum
Distributor Portfolio Management
Dissecting a Distributor Operation  
Consolidation Realities and Complexities
Distributor Inventory Management and Internal Controls
Facility and Fleet Management  
Selling & Delivery Systems
Distributor Finance for Non-financial Managers  
Benchmarking with Key Performance Indicators
Supplier/Distributor Relationships
Mergers, Acquisitions, & Transition Management
Planning & Communication
Hiring & Developing Personnel/Distributor Compensation
For details on any of our training programs or to design a customized program for your organization please contact us.